Broken Window Repair Geneva IL

Broken Window Repair Geneva IL

Glasshopper is ready to help you if you have a broken window. If you are looking for window replacement in Geneva, you have come to the right place. We are a window replacement company with top-of-the-line window replacement services in Geneva, IL.

We are a full-service glass specialist, meaning that we design and install glass for commercial and residential clients, and we also perform maintenance work to keep the glass looking as good as possible in years to come.

Home window replacement near me? Glasshopper is the place, and we’ll tell you why. Keep reading!

1.We can restore the appearance of a glass

One of the reasons that make us good in replacement windows in Geneva, IL, is that we can fix light scratches to restore the appearance of glass without replacing it entirely. Once we are done fixing it, you will never know it was scratched in the first place.

2.We can repair anything

If a glass is damaged or broken extensively, we can replace it without difficulty. Our goal is to not only restore the glass that was damaged but to add safety wherever possible. This means that if there are problems with a window’s structure, it will also need to be addressed.

3.We offer free, in-home consultation

Our glass professionals will evaluate the damage to your glass at no cost. They will help determine if a repair is possible or if you will need a complete replacement.

We will also help you securely board the area if an immediate repair or replacement is not possible. Again, we take safety very seriously. Once we are ready to perform the installation, we’ll return to complete the job.

4.We work in an orderly manner

We are organized workers, meaning that we will do our job and clean the work area femur any debris left from installation. Our goal is not to give you extra work on your property and feel that you have received a complete and quality service.

How do you know it’s time to replace an old window?

If you have an older home, it may be time to replace some of the windows. One way to find out is by checking if a manufacturer’s logo is etched on the glass. This means that it is safety glass. If you cannot find a logo, you should replace the windows as soon as possible.

When safety glass breaks, it does so into cubes. However, older glass shatters into sharp, jagged shards, dangerous for anyone around.

What to do with a broken window while it is getting fixed?

While you find someone to take care of your broken window, there are actions you can take to keep nature’s elements out of your house and keep everything and everyone safe.

If it is a small crack, you can use transparent shellac or nail varnish to fill in the crack. Another temporary solution is to apply tape on both sides of the crack.

However, don’t hesitate to contact an expert since these are temporary solutions while you get the window fixed.

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Broken Window Repair Geneva IL

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Broken Window Repair Geneva IL

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